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The best hair removal services in Cherry Creek, Denver.

  • With laser hair removal as our sole focus, we are totally dedicated and committed to providing the best service of a kind in the United States.
  • We have the latest and most advanced technology available
  • The most experienced and educated staff in the most convenient comfortable surroundings.
  • We are committed to every single client in providing a fantastic experience and most importantly, INCREDIBLE RESULTS.

The most advanced treatment for unwanted hair that truly makes a difference!

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CEO Tina Stewart talks exclusively to Alice FM about how ‘Smooth European Laser Hair Removal’ are different!

Tina Fearon
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LightSheer Duet featured at Good Morning America

GOOD MORNING AMERICA Lumenis’ High Speed LightSheer® Duet™ for permanent hair reduction was featured yesterday on ABC’s Good Morning America Health w

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