Marina G: I would totally recommend Smooth to others and have. I've never had a tech that wasn't nice. They are really good about scheduling and re-scheduling appointments. I usually even get a reminder call the day before. What I enjoy about them is how many different times they have available for appointments. The only thing I don't love is the parking situation, but it's free after 7pm at least. Plus their laser is a higher quality than most!

Cat S: I've been going to Smooth European Laser for several months now. It started with a Living Social deal, and I was happy to upgrade. I'd been to other laser hair removal clinics previously and was familiar with the costs involved, so I knew I was still getting a good deal. I've been very happy with the personnel, and equipment - was apparently fortunate that when I purchased my living social deal, my Brazilian really was a Brazilian. I would have no hesitation recommending Smooth to any of my friends. Regarding some of the negative feedback about upgrades on Living Social deals — I don’t understand this frustration. Don’t we all understand that Living Social is marketing to get customers in the door, in the hopes that they choose to stick around and pay for more services?

Sara F: I have been getting treatments at Smooth for about 4 months now. I came in with the Living Social Deal, and will admit I was annoyed at first about the up sell. That being said, laser hair removal is expensive anywhere you go and I have friends who have done it other places with older lasers that not only hurt, but cost at least as much as Smooth if not more.

My experience at Smooth has always been pleasant. The technicians I have worked with have all been wonderful to the point that I don't mind having a different tech each time. They have all been great. I read some of the other reviews and I understand where people are coming from regarding the LS deal and price differences etc. as there was something that felt disingenuous on the part of Smooth for the way they handled the marketing. I feel like they can remedy that with a little effort.

For the 4 areas of unlimited laser that I ended up purchasing, however, I do not feel like I am getting a bad deal. I also did a bit of research on other salons, prices and lasers, and I am happy with my decision.

I have not had any issues with my appointment times, but I tend to go during the weekdays, early in the morning. I like the front desk staff and the office is always clean and welcoming.

Traci S: I started coming here last fall because of the Living Social deal. Once there I ended up doing a full Brazilian and half legs as well. I have coarse, dark hair and went from having to shave my underarms and legs at least every other day to easily getting away with a week between. And I've still got many treatments left. The results have been absolutely incredible.

Everyone I have interacted with at Smooth has been incredibly friendly and helpful. They have great customer service & the lasers are essentially painless. Yes, laser hair removal is expensive, but compared to the seven years of monthly Brazilian waxes I was getting... it's actually quite a deal! Not to mention much less painful & longer lasting results.
I highly recommend anyone looking into laser hair removal give Smooth a try!

April H: I love walking into Smooth for my hair removal treatments. The environment is relaxing and welcoming. The technicians are always kind and I love how quick, thorough, and knowledgeable they are! I am so thankful I found this place, it's a gem!!!

Laurie P: I love this place! Results are great, pricing is competitive & the staff makes you feel so comfortable even when they are treating your nether regions...Once the weather turns I will be getting my full legs done!

IB C: I've been going to Smooth for over a year and I'm very impressed with their customer service! I would totally recommend Smooth to all of my friends.

Irena H: I discovered Smooth through a Living Social special, and after experiencing the modern, small but cozy, state of the art facility, superb customer service and great technicians, I purchased a package for a bigger area and have been going ever since.

The staff IS truly committed to a fantastic experience and great results for each and every client. Awesome experience!

Briana S: Smooth European Laser Hair Remover Clinic has been a great experience. The administrative staff is very friendly and helpful. Dasie has been a wonderful laser tech, she is always on time, friendly, and is very patient with my low pain tolerance! I would highly recommend Dasie and Smooth to anyone.

Elizabeth E: Broaching a year with Smooth, I can genuinely call myself a satisfied customer. Everyone is very professional, extremely friendly, and excellent at making each appointment fast and comfortable. Plus I love the results! I have gone to a different laser hair clinic and did not feel as comfortable in the setting, did not see as rapid and enjoyable results, and did not like the laser being utilized. Smooth always seems to be looking for ways to improve everything from customer service to quality of services provided. I have definitely recommended Smooth Medical Spa to all my friends!

Cortney F: Every experience has been easy and convenient. The technicians make you feel comfortable; and appointments are quick!

Kathy N: Everyone at Smooth is friendly and professional. They make you feel special and in good hands. The treatment is quick. You're in and out in no time. I've had laser treatments before and none have been as good.

Anastasia E: I bought a Groupon to Smooth and then added a few treatments on. The staff is professional and willing to help. I saw many technicians there and all of them were willing to work with my lack of pain tolerance and were all friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to have hair removed! The best part is that I don't have to shave my armpits anymore!!